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Hello!  Leslie here. Here's a get-to-know-me in a nutshell:

​Ever since I can remember, I was always active outdoors and involved in sports.

My favourite activities were always softball, volleyball and track & field.

​Years of a busy schedule (consisting of me completing undergraduate & post-graduate degrees, working, getting married and having kids) resulted in me pushing physical activity aside, making way for an ever expanding midsection. This tummy situation ultimately was my inspiration & motivation to get up and get moving again!

I hired a personal trainer to kick my ass into great shape which is exactly what happened. After about a year, I craved more challenging endeavours, so I competed in my first fitness competition and came in 2nd place, then competed in another fitness competition as well as in the 2005 World Masters Games where I won the gold medal in the 100m sprint. 

After all that training and competing, I finally realized my passion: dedicating myself to improving the health, performance and body composition of others. And based on how I achieved my own body re-transformation, I knew it had to be through systematically revising one's nutrition & fitness habits. Thus, the logical next step was for me to become certified in those areas and be qualified to share my passion and knowledge with you!

So, if you're ready, I'm ready to team up with you to help you achieve your goals.


Bachelor's Degree from The University of Texas at Austin
Master's Degree from The University of Alberta 
Precision Nutrition Level 1 (PN1) Certified (active)
AFLCA Resistance Trainer Certified (active)

Trained and studied under world-class athletic coaches
Ten years hands-on work experience in the field of nutrition consultation and fitness coaching

Appearances on Global TV's 'Fit Bits ' with Leslie Horton (2003 - 2004)
Competed in WNSO Fitness Category (2004 & 2005)
Competed and won gold in the World Master's Games 100 meter sprint (2005)

Competed in Femsport strong woman competition (2012)​

Calgary Herald Diet & Fitness Article Feature (2018) 

Training Principles

​Client-centered, committed, accountable, motivated, attentive, non-judgemental, efficient, safety-first, results-driven nutrition and fitness coaching to improve health, performance and body composition